Casablanca Vintage Featured in Esquire!

Click on the link to read the article! We are honored to be mentioned with some other gems in the city!

Come see us in the parade!

Bruno Mars shops at Casablanca Vintage, and so should you!

On Thursday 6/26/14, Bruno Mars and a few of his bandmates (and body guard, of course) came into Casablanca Vintage. They bought 70s and 80s shirts, suits, and shoes. He also visited a few shops down the street. This has been very exciting for us, and the other vintage shops in Northside!

You can watch the video of our interview with Channel 9 here:

You can read the article in the Cincinnati Enquirer, or on here:

“Over-Dressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion”

This book by Elizabeth L. Cline is next on my read list. My partner mentioned on Facebook that it would be a good read for us, and his friend dropped it at our shop within in an hour. One of our employees called us, saying “someone put this book in our mail slot. They must have been stealthy because I didn’t even see them do it. But this looks like a great read!”

I can’t wait to read this book. One of the main reasons we are so into vintage is because we are passionate about conservation and protecting the environment. (Of course, we love the way vintage makes us look snazzy and our looks are super unique.) But this book highlights the downfalls of buying clothes at H&M, Forever21, Zara, and other retailers that rotate their stock weekly, push trends like no tomorrow, and have super low prices. These companies also use so much of our natural resources, pay underage workers an uncomfortably low wage, and are super wasteful. Donation shops such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army are getting too many donations and can’t properly shelf the stock, so much of it is getting cut into shop rags in factories out west.

Myself and my partner, Tim both personally have very large clothing collections, but get this: Tim hadn’t been to the mall for over 5 years when he met me, and I had sworn off any clothes made in sweat shops about 6 years ago.  If I do buy new clothes, I research where they are made so my conscience can rest assured while I wear them. This has meant that I go without some items that I previously may have wanted really badly, but I know that I am contributing toward change in the fashion industry. And just think, if you buy used and sweatshop free, what kind of change you are contributing to!

If you’re interested in the book, this is the website!


Casablanca named “Best Most Organized Vintage Clothier and Costumer” by City Beat!




We are super excited to have been recognized by local publication City Beat in their Staff Picks section of their Best of Cincinnati Issue. This yearly features many different businesses and we are so grateful to have been selected. We were also voted #3 for best costumes for the reader picks! And thanks to Jesse Fox, amazing photographer and great friend of ours who took this picture of us that says “we mean business.” She was also voted best local artist for the 3rd year in a row! So many exclamation points!!!!!





Deadstock Baseball Shorts!

I found a box of these deadstock baseball shorts in our back room in blue, red, brown, grey, and green. Upon looking at them, I knew I would love the fit. The double button and thick waistband are constructed similarly to my favorite pants, American Apparel’s Riding Pants. I kept two pairs of these for myself, in red and forest green. Since we put them out, I have sold 3 pairs in one week to some super cute gals who will definitely be rocking these all summer. I love to pair them with a crop top, platforms and tons of metal jewelry. I love it when we get bulk deadstock items because then we can see multiple people around our city wearing the same thing. It’s how trends start! 






Casablanca Vintage Nominated for Citybeat Best of Cincinnati!

Vote for Casablanca for the Best of Cincinnati! We are under the categories for Best Costumes and Best Vintage!



More Flapper Headbands… Back by Popular Demand!

This and more! We keep getting so many requests for flapper items, so we have more for you!ImageImage

TREND ALERT: Holiday Sweaters!

Do you have a “Tacky Holiday Sweater Party” to attend this season? We’ve got you covered (literally!). Here are a few examples of what we have. We have others just as novel! Image



Casablanca Vintage Does City Flea (S)mall!!!

On November 17th, the City Flea has an exciting event at the 21C Museum Hotel. Instead of rushing the malls and battling with greedy mainstream consumers, why don’t you come to the Small Mall and buy local and handmade goods? There will be so many amazing businesses there, including Casablanca Vintage. You can visit their website to see the full list of vendors. See ya there!




All of your favorite small businesses under one roof right before the obnoxiousness of the holiday shopping season tries to consume us all. Avoid the malls this year and start fresh with the “Small Mall”. 

Keep your dollars local and never have to hear the word ‘doorbuster’ again.”


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