Casablanca Vintage Storefront Sign

Established in 1985

Casablanca Vintage Storefront Sign

Since 1985, Casablanca Vintage has been the place to shop for everything vintage. In its earlier years, the previous owner George Di’Lorenzo focused on menswear, and then expanded to also having women’s attire. He then began renting clothing to costumers for many Hollywood movies. In 2011, the shop was bought by 3 young men with hopes to clean it up and make it what it once was. In 2013, Tim Willig and Ashley M Beaufille Cook purchased the shop. It has now returned to its former glory! Tim and Ashley have focused on acquiring the best vintage clothing for all ages and genders with clothing ranging from the 1800s-1990s. They are happy to provide unique finds to those who love wearing vintage day-to-day, and for those looking for a neat outfit for a themed party. Casablanca Vintage also works with fashion stylists and designers in the fashion industry, and costumers for both theatre, and film.

Casablanca Vintage

Ashley M Beaufille Cook has been collecting vintage clothing and making clothing since childhood. Cook has a degree in Theatre and Costume Design and a minor in Entrepreneurship from Northern Kentucky University. A published model, wardrobe stylist, and designer, and award winning local theatre actor. Ashley was manager of Casablanca Vintage before taking over as owner.

Tim Willig is also the owner of Awesome Time Shoe and Leather Repair, located inside of Casablanca. Tim’s shoe repair expertise has earned him write-ups in multiple publications, such as City Beat and Cincinnati Magazine. Tim began as an employee at Casablanca in 2001, and has years of menswear expertise under his belt.